For whom is the award intended?

Candidates for the Young Captain Award are young men and women who stand out in their working environment. They are innovative in their style of leadership and work on the basis of a wide, internationally-oriented vision. They have a desire to make active and targeted contributions from their position towards a sustainable society. These are people of whom their business enterprise has great expectations.

Relevant jury data

20-07-2017   Deadline for registering candidates
04-08-2017 Deadline for submitting CVs and other documents
18-09-2017 First jury round and nomination of finalists, The Garden Hotel, Amsterdam
18-10-2017 Final & dinner; jury interviews with three finalists, Klein Zwitserland Hotel, Heelsum.
13-11-2017 Festive publication of the Young Captain 2017 winner, Paleis Het Loo, Apeldoorn

Young Captains Programme

31-08 & 01-09-2017 Young Captains Programme - two-day acquaintanceship programme for all applicants nominated for the Young Captain Award 2017 at Landgoed Lauswolt in Beetsterzwaag.

The criteria for nominating a candidate

Below you will find the guidelines for nominating candidates. Don't hesitate to contact us if you are unclear about anything. Candidates can be nominated directly online.

Which companies and organisations can propose candidates?

  • Large, corporate and medium-sized Dutch companies, whether or not listed on the stock exchange.
  • Large foreign (corporate) organisations with significant economic activity in the Netherlands.
  • Leading Dutch family businesses.
  • Companies with a turnover of at least 250 mln. euro.

Qualifications of the candidate

  • Bears great responsibility within the organisation as leader of a major business unit, operating company or geographical region and is just below or in the sub-top of the company.
  • Is perceived as a high potential, of whom it is to be expected that he/she is capable/has the potential to reach on term the Board of Directors or Executive Board of a medium sized company.
  • He/she must report to the top management (large company), or has frequent interaction with the top management, or operates at the level of a manager of a mid-sized company.
  • as international work experience or operates in an international context.
  • Is at the moment of registration not older than 39.
  • Is Dutch or rooted in Dutch culture & society and has a thorough command of the Dutch language.

The qualities and skills of the candidate

  • Performance: striking and distinctive, going beyond his/her own professional field
  • Abilities: broad vision, strategic insight, wide internationally-oriented social and economic knowledge and capacity for innovation People who show that they can build bridges inside and outside the organisation and that they are able to act on their socio-economic insights
  • Qualities: moral compass, well-developed personality, originality, courage and decisiveness, ability to deal with radical innovation, and responsibility for society and sustainability in the widest sense. He/she thinks in terms of an international context.
  • Proven to have excellent leadership skills and qualities
  • Proven to be an excellent communicator

The selection procedure is in the hands of an expert jury and takes place in stages.